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  • I have finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You included lots of detail and good maps (I like maps), it obviously required [an] extensive [amount] of research. How was so much of the Japanese side of the battles available? RAdm. Sprague's escape from Kurita's forces was very exciting. Just this past month there were documentaries on TV about the Leyte Gulf battle and also the old movie on the battle of Midway, their relationship to each other, after reading your book, made them more interesting than usual. I'm looking forward to your next book, get cracking!! -- George M. - Agua Dulce, CA - USA
  • I just bought my dad your book for Christmas and will be giving it to him on the 25th. Before I wrapped it I started to read a little and could not put it down. You really captured the whole story and facts of the battle. I was glad that you included information on the destroyers. That seems to be left out [in] other books. I know my dad will really love this book . . . Thanks for your time and writing such a great book on Leyte Gulf. I can't wait to give it to my dad. -- Peter M. - USA

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