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  • Presidio Press of Novato, California, a prestigious publisher of books on military history, has agreed to publish my book, Afternoon of the Rising Sun. I have signed a contract with this organization, so the work now begins to get the book ready for publishing.
  • Progress thus far:
    • My offer to order autographed copies of my book has ended. For those of you who ordered autographed copies, I thank you. I will order the books from the publisher next Monday, November 19, and send them out to you as soon as I get them.
    • Friday, November 16, 2001, is the last day to order an autographed copy of my book. If you have not ordered yours, please do so now by clicking the Buy It button of the left or click here.
    • I am extending my offer for purchasing autographed copies of my book by one day to November 16, 2001. I am doing this to match the offering on E-Bay.
    • The book is now available for purchase at the book store nearest you or from internet outlets. Click here for more information about how and where to make your purchase.
    • The book has completed printing and is being shipped from the printer to the distributor. It won't be long before it will be available on the web and in the bookstores for purchase.
    • Autographed copies of the book can now be ordered from E-Bay. Click here to find out out more.
    • A sample from the book can now be viewed. Just click here.
    • The book has been sent to the printer. It should be available by the beginning of November 2001.
    • I have just finished the final edit of the book's galleys. The book now goes to the printer. It won't be long now before the book is published.
    • The book can now be ordered. Click the Buy It button on the left for more information.
    • Just finished first editing of the book's galleys (the way the book will look when published) and returned them to the publisher.
    • The book has undergone an extensive editing by the publisher's editor.
    • The figures have been changed to get them ready for publishing in the book and sent to the publisher.
    • Photographs that are to be inserted in the book have been purchased and also forwarded to the publisher.
    • The book is now being edited for grammatical consistency and formatting by a copy editor.
    • The copy editor has finished her work.
    • I have reviewed the changes and made my final edit.
    • The book now enters the production phase where the manuscript is transformed into something that looks like a book.
    • The book cover designed by Presidio Press can be found on this page.
    • I finished editing the captions for the photographs that will be included in the book.
    • Presidio Press has formally accepted the book, and the final stages of the publishing process begins.
    • The book is on schedule for a targeted November 2001 publishing date.

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